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“We are completely satisfied with the cooperation we have had with Ilyashev & Partners. The lawyers possess extensive experience in providing solutions to complex deals and they undertake their work in both a professional and conscientious manner”.  Dmytro Kiva, Chief Aircraft Designer, Corresponding Member, National Academy of  Sciences of Ukraine


Advertising & Marketing

Ilyashev & Partners’ lawyers advise clients on issues related to the creation, production and distribution of advertising, marketing and promotion materials in all mass media outlets, as well as on all aspects of consumer protection legislation.

Our services:

  • advising on the requirements for all types of advertising;
  • drafting the agency, sponsorship and licensing agreements;
  • drafting the agreements entered into by the advertisers and advertising agencies, and other providers of marketing services;
  • advising on the use of intellectual property items in advertising;
  • advising on the legal requirements for advertising and marketing on the Internet;
  • advising on the unfair advertising, product placement and comparative advertising, as well as on the responsibility for its placement;
  • advising on the special legal requirements for the advertising of medicinal products, alcohol and tobacco products, securities, construction objects and job placement services.

Recent projects:

  • Drafting of the marketing services agreement for the research of market, demand for medical products and their analogues, price dynamics, competitors and consumers.
  • Drafting of the marketing services agreement concerning the use of electronic service for the promotion of medical products among the pharmacists and consumers.
  • Advising on the use of trademarks in the advertising of computer programs.
  • Advising on the compliance with the laws on advertising in the advertisements of dairy products.
  • Representing the interests of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the proceedings on the use of misleading labeling packaging.
  • Provision of legal expert opinion on the labeling of the food products’ packaging.
  • Advising on the issues of medicinal products advertising in the specialized publications.
  • Advising on the issues of product advertising compliance with the laws on advertising.
  • Advising on the prescription medicines advertising.
  • Advising on the outdoor advertising of the children’s clothing store.
  • Registration of images, namely, the advertising campaign shots.
  • Termination of the exclusive supply contract and marketing agreement
  • Prohibition of removal of the outdoor advertising objects.
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